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Phoenix Floor Care Distributors MAKE MORE MONEY

Hit ’em where they ain’t Is your company selling the same ‘me too’ product as all your competitors? In the words of Ty Cobb, “Hit ’em where they ain’t.” Ty Cobb’s product was hitting, bunting,  and placing the ball where his opponents were not playing. Your company should do the same. Be the innovator and disruptor […]

Titan Twin ROI by the Numbers

BSC and in-house maintenance managers beware!  There is a shortage of labor, a growing need for cleaning professionals and wages are rising. The statistics presented by the US Department of Labor are un-weighted for taxes and insurance.  There has never been a better case for investing in systems that optimize labor.  The Phoenix Floor Care […]


Recognized by Manufacturing Marvels, as a true innovator in floor care equipment. View the equipment in action on YouTube, see us on our website Phoenix Floor Care. Behind the Numbers For Contractors Standard Net Profit on traditional two machine scrub and buff 11%. Same area Net Profit doubles by implementing the TITAN TWIN system to […]

Phoenix Welcomes DPA Members

The TITAN TWIN reduces labor by as much as 50% with a minimum 30% total savings guarantee. With labor markets ever-tightening and wages increasing the equipment used has more impact on the bottom line then ever before. Contractors and retail love the ease of use, no aisles to shut down, no water to mop up. […]

Phoenix Floor Care’s TITAN TWIN Cuts Floor Care Labor by 50%

The economy is picking up. As work force participation increases, unemployment diminishes, labor markets tighten, and wages rise; it is simply supply and demand. Add to that the fuel of state mandated minimum wage, Colorado from $8.23/hour to $12.50/hour by 2020, Illinois from $8.25/hour to $11/hour by 2019, Maine, Arizona and Washington State minimum wages […]