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From Our Customers

J&M has been a distributor for Phoenix Floor Care Systems for over 20 years. I can’t say enough of the Support we get. They send trainers for sales and technical support when ever we ask. Their support center for mechanical questions is second to none. Their equipment and products are top notch and never made with haste. They understand if you don’t make money they don’t make money. Many lines I’ve brought on in the past don’t seem to understand this. Nobody is perfect but it’s how you right the wrong I always say. Phoenix stands proud and bends over backwards if circumstances get the best of you.

Most importantly, Phoenix Floor Care Systems has something no one else has, a waterless floor machine that cleans 17,000 square feet in one hour. What machine saves you 40 percent over any other floor cleaning system. If you don’t give Phoenix a try you are missing an opportunity of a life time. There is no car that is 40 percent better than the rest, no computer, no other piece of machinery that I know that beats its competitors like Phoenix. As far as I’m concerned, this company can only go one way and that is up.

Matthew J. Wolf
Owner | J&M Floors and More Inc. | West Melbourne, Florida

We have over 65 Titan Twins since 2013 and they work great. Not only do they clean and polish at the same time, but our customers spend less money on finish because they strip the floors less often and still look better than ever.

We recommend the Phoenix Spray Cleaning System and the Titan Twin to anyone who is cleaning VCT, Terrazzo or sealed concrete floors as the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to clean.

Angela Boyd
Boyd Enterprises | Granbury, Texas

I first saw the results of the Phoenix Floor Care System after the company did a demonstration at my store, National Market 1, in Pompano Beach, Florida. I was so impressed with how the floors looked that my partner and I ended up purchasing three machines.

I am a real believer of the system. It was so much more than buying a piece of equipment. Matt and Manuel trained my staff on the program from beginning to end.

I have been using the program for over eight months and my floors have never looked better, plus I am saving a lot of money by being able to maintain my floors in-house.

I highly recommend Phoenix Floor Care, especially to retail store owners and managers like myself who need a safe and easy-to-use floor maintenance program.

Carlos Hernandez
NSA President | National Supermarket 2 Owner | Pompano Beach, Florida

This Phoenix Floor Care Program is really a no-brainer. You don’t need to mop, don’t need to scrub, don’t need to re-coat or wax the entire floor so often. Just run this machine, and the floors stay clean, shined all year round and the savings are big since I don’t have to constantly be stripping and waxing.

Before Phoenix, I spent nearly $400 a week ($20,800 a year!) with a contractor, and I was not very satisfied. Now my floors have never looked better, and Im saving over $10,000 a year.

Juan Carlos Leiva
General Manager | Bravo Supermarket | Tampa, Florida

I am currently the Supervisor of Janitorial at NASA. Yang Enterprises, my previous employer, beginning in 1999, changed the way we clean our floors and went with the Phoenix System. This revolutionized our lives. We cut back on stripping our floors and recoated very little, if any. When we stripped and waxed, it was three to four years instead of every year. It was so nice not having to take off excessive coats of wax put on by frequent scrubbing and re-coating when we did strip.

We were able to save on many man hours and our floors always looked great. Prior to purchasing the Phoenix Machine, the floors just were not consistently nice until we started using the Phoenix System. I liked the system so much, I even bought a machine for my own janitorial business. Matt has always given us great service, and the equipment is top quality and still running after 11 years. This system is great and I highly recommend it!

James Sconiers
Supervisor | Kennedy Space Center

Your support is great! I feel like I can sell 100 machines and be able to service them all. That is very important. Thanks so much for being there.

Matt Wolf
Owner | J&M Floors and More

Thank you for all your help on the phone over the last couple of years. Eric’s tech support and Lindsay’s help picking the correct floor pads has made my life easier. Our 14 year old Phoenix burnisher is running like new.

In my 32 years here at Cass School I have never worked with another company that takes the time with their customers like you do!

Your willingness to assist us with our floor problems is great. It is so refreshing to see that there are still people in this world willing to go the extra mile.

Bob Smiegawski
Head Custodian | Cass Junior High

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