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Unique Phoenix Chemicals

Classic Spray Emulsion

1310 - Phoenix Classic Spray Emulsion: 4 Gallon Case

VOC free Spray Emulsion developed to replace Taski P44 to clean and refinish your floors. Daily use extends top scrub and recoats by up to 100% or more. UL slip resistant approved!

1320 - Phoenix Solo Concentrated Detergent: 4 Gallon Case

Concentrated liquid cleaner-emulsifier. A blend of biodegradeable surfactants and water softening agents. Average dilution ratio of 2 oz per gallon of water.

1315 - Quick-Strip Dry Stripper: 4 Gallon Case

For cleaning spot areas of heavily ground in dirt or stains. Used to spot strip layers of finish without stripping the entire floor.

1332 - Blast High Speed Pad Cleaner: 4 Gallon Case

For cleaning pads. Contains a liquifier to remove solid debris from the pad that will extend the usefull life of pads.

1380 - Dustrap Dust Mop Treatment: 12 Aerosol Can Case

Spray your dust mop with this before use to see superior results.

1400 - Winterinse Salt Neutralizer: 4 Gallon Case

Specially formulated for cleaning heavy salt during the winter. Keep your floors from getting salt damage. Usually diluted 4 oz per gallon.