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Traditional Scrubber and Burnisher vs the Titan Twin Time Lapse Video

Visual Proof – The Titan Twin Saves 40% in Labor Costs

This demo took place in a local 23,000 sq. ft. grocery store with roughly 14,000 sq. ft. of cleanable floors.
We each took 2 aisles and cleaned them.
They used a 26 inch self-propelled scrubber and a 27 inch burnisher and we used the Titan Twin, which has a 24 inch cleaning path.
We started at the same time with the floor scrubber on left side and the Twin Twin on the right.
The Titan Twin was completely done with cleaning and polishing the floors at the same time, as the traditional method was done with scrubbing only and the Titan even did a little detail work before stopping.
The traditional method still needed to burnish the floors.
The Titan waited and watched as the traditional method completed that task.
It took the traditional method nearly 2x as long to complete the 2 aisles as it did the twin.
Imagine what that would have looked like for the whole store. The Titan would have been done in about an hour and the scrubber and buffer would have been closer to 2 hours total time.
This is a great visual of what saving 40% in labor looks like!
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