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Does Spray Cleaning really clean as well as a scrubber?

In a word, yes. Spray Cleaning actually cleans better than a scrubber because Phoenix Classic contains cleaners for both water soluble and non-water soluble soil.

Is the system difficult to use or learn?

The Spray Cleaning system is about as hard to learn as cutting the grass.  The most difficult part is learning that you need to push the spray button every 4-5 steps and to flip the cleaning pad every 7 minutes.

Don’t the equipment and chemicals for Spray Cleaning cost more?

Since Spray Cleaning only needs one machine to both clean and burnish, the equipment cost is usually half that of a scrubber and a burnisher.  Second, the cost of chemicals and equipment is only about 10% of the total cost of cleaning your floors.  The other 90% is labor.  By Spray Cleaning you can save up to six scrub and recoats which reduces your overall chemical and supply cost to less than it would be with a traditional scrub and recoat system.  That also means less labor to scrub and recoat and less disruption to the sales floor.  Both very big positives.

What is the most common mistake in Spray Cleaning?

The most common mistake is not flipping or changing the pad often enough followed by not cleaning the pad after it is used. 

How long should a cleaning pad last?

If cleaned after each use a pad should last for 50,000 – 60,000 square feet of use.  That should equate to about ten uses before the pad is less than ½” thick, at which point it needs to be discarded.

Why is flipping the pad so important?

It is important to flip the pad because in Spray Cleaning the emulsion is encapsulating the soil from the floor and is migrating into the pad.  Once the pad is “loaded” with dirt it will not be able to pick up more and will not “clean” the floor anymore.  This is commonly what is happening when we have a complaint that the system isn’t cleaning. 

In this economy, why do I want to spend money on floor care?

Customers understand tough economic times and studies have shown they will overlook looks and convenience in exchange for substantial savings.  The same studies have shown that customers will typically put more items in their basket when shopping if the location is perceived as “cleaner”.  One of the clearest, easiest ways to judge if a location is clean is to look at the floors and the bathrooms.  Customers will understand why the floors don’t look shiny, but overall sales will be lower if they perceive that the store isn’t as clean.

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