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Titan Twin ROI by the Numbers

BSC and in-house maintenance managers beware! 

There is a shortage of labor, a growing need for cleaning professionals and wages are rising. The statistics presented by the US Department of Labor are un-weighted for taxes and insurance. 

There has never been a better case for investing in systems that optimize labor. 

The Phoenix Floor Care TITAN TWIN reduces labor by up to 40% and offers a solid 30% net savings guarantee. 

No gimmicks, no UV rays to cure or complicated procedures to follow. It is merely an innovation. Two separate, proven systems, damp scrub and polish have combined on one incredible platform. 

Significant changes you will realize from day one: 

  • Labor cut significantly, reallocation to other tasks immediately 
  • Confirmation of performance via hour meter
  • No pre-scrub, no water, limiting slip/fall 
  • No shutting down aisles for cleaning. We run in active retail environments
  • World class results 

ROI Scenario

Using the Bureau’s numbers, an unweighted employee earns $12.02 per hour. 

Standard Method: Set up, dust mop, scrub, cleaning of the scrubber, application of finish restorer and burnish of 30,000 sq ft require a full 4-hour FTE, minimum. 

The Phoenix TITAN TWIN system, dust mop, run the machine, scrub and polish in ONE PASS at over 17,000 sq ft per hour. 

In this typical scenario, the savings start at 50%. 

ROI by the Numbers 

Standard System Scrub and Polish 4x FTE: $48.08 labor per event on 30,000 square feet

TITAN TWIN: $24.04

Savings: $24.04 

Five-day per week cleaning savings: $120.20 

Positive Cash Flow per month: $520.87 

Lease Cost per month*: $232.00 

ROI per month, per TITAN TWIN**/***: $288.87 

* Lease cost per month based on 36-month 10% residual value at end of term 

** ROI per month increases to $520.87 in month 37+ 

*** ROI does NOT take into account 15% base wage increase, taxes or insurance

See the Titan Twin in Action

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