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Phoenix Floor Care has provided thousands of customers with unique floor solutions for over 20 years. All of our cleaning chemicals, floor burnisher equipment and pads are designed and tested to work together to give you the fastest, easiest route to a great looking floor.

While other floor care systems involve multiple steps and expensive pieces of equipment, the Phoenix Floor Care System revolutionizes cleaning by offering two machines in one. In the past, building service contractors and contract cleaners had to spend time, money and energy dust mopping, then scrubbing, then use a propane buffer or floor burnisher to achieve results. With our system, just dust mop, then let our machines clean and polish at the same time, improving your bottom line and results.

Floor Burnisher & Cleaner

If you are a contract cleaner or building service contractor, you know that the majority of your costs are labor. Our system reduces labor costs by over by providing one-pass chemical, scrub and burnish application which reduces labor by as much as 40% and guarantees overall cost savings. Don’t settle for anything less than the best floor burnisher and propane buffer if you want to achieve exceptional results. Visit our Contact page to get in touch with us.

Phoenix Titan Twin Featured on Fox Business Network's Manufacturing Marvels

Revolutionary advancement in high-speed floor care


Phoenix Floor Care introduces the first advancement in high speed floor care since the invention of the burnisher.

“The Two-In-One Phoenix Floor Care process dropped our daily labor by over 40% and we cut the need to strip in half! This is the best system we have ever used!”
– Floor contractor with 70 crews in the field

Made by contractors for end users

The Titan Twin Two-in-One System

Reduces labor by up to 40%

Reduces overall costs by up to 30%

Demonstration machines available.

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If you are using propane powered equipment and not using the TITAN TWIN you are wasting money.
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Proprietary Chemicals

Designed exclusively for Phoenix our specialized polymers, detergents, and citric based chemicals break down the dirt and replace the top layer in one application.

Proprietary Chemical Application System

No more mopping or scrubbing to clean, then applying recoat prior to buffing, our patented chemical application system does all the work for you, in one step.

Proprietary Two-In-One Machine Cleans and Polishes in ONE PASS

Our tandem spray in front, burnish in back ONE PASS system guarantees labor savings, increases customer satisfaction, and dramatically increases the time between strip and recoat, if they are ever even needed again!
Step One: Dust Mop
Step Two: Make ONE PASS over area with Phoenix Two-In-One Machine
Step Three: There is none, you are done!

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From Our Clients

  • We have over 65 Titan Twins in the field, and they work great! Not only do they clean and polish at the same time, but our customers spend less money on finish because they strip the floors less often and they still look better than ever.

    We recommend the Phoenix Spray Cleaning system and the Titan Twin to anyone who is cleaning VCT, terrazzo or sealed concrete floors as the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to clean floors.

    Angela Boyd
    Boyd Enterprises, Granbury, TX
  • Matt brought in a machine, trained my staff on the whole program. My staff easily picked up on it and loved the fact it was waterless. I felt much safer for my customers and staff without the water. My floors never looked better and without much effort compared to the way we used to do things with the old scrub and buff system.

    John T.
    Ace Hardware/Now True Value
  • I was so impressed on how the floors looked, my partner and I ended up purchasing three machines. I am a real believer of the system. It was so much more than buying a piece of equipment. I’ve been using the program for over eight months, and my floors have never looked better, plus I am saving a lot of money by being able to maintain my floors in-house.

    Carlos H.
    National Supermarket Association President
  • This Phoenix Floor Care Program is really a no-brainer. You don’t need to mop, don’t need to scrub, don’t need to re-coat or wax the entire floor so often. Just run the machine and my floors stay cleaned, shine all year round and the savings are big since I don’t have to constantly be stripping and waxing.

    Juan L.
    General Manager, Bravo Supermarket
Get to Know David Conti, the President and Owner of Phoenix Floor Care

Meet David Conti

President of Phoenix Floor Care

Born and raised in Oak Lawn, Illinois, David Conti’s story is one of excellence. A former Marine honored for his merits as a helicopter electrician, Conti earned a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, then began his career at Valmont Electric as a design engineer. After working at various sites in Mexico, David was promoted to Senior Project Engineer in 1996 and Quality Manager in 1998, coordinating over 300 people across 3 plants. In 1999, he earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix and graduated first in his class. After moving to Ripon, Wisconsin, he reduced online defects by 50% in two years as a Quality Manager for Alliance Laundry. In 2002, he was promoted to Core Process Manager and improved productivity by 20% in just six months, then spent two years in Belgium as the Director of Customer One. While there, he reduced internal defects by 50% in 3 months and boosted productivity by 15% in eight months. In 2010, David bought all assets of Swiss Clean, Inc. and in 2011 renamed the company Phoenix Floor Care. The veteran-owned company, known for its revolutionary floor care equipment that can reduce labor by up to 40%, has been operating out of Grand Rapids since 2013, and all products are proudly made in the USA.

Ready to revolutionize your floor cleaning and save up to 40% on labor?
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