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History of Classic Spray Cleaning Emulsion

Phoenix Classic Spray Cleaning Emulsion and it's relation to Taski p44.

Phoenix Classic Spray Cleaning Emulsion was developed as a direct replacement for Taski P44 spray cleaning emulsion in 1982, since then our formula has been refined and upgraded to clean better and provide a higher shine.  Used with your floor scrubber and buffer, we consider it to be the fastest, easiest way to achieve beautiful floors.

Our company was the original distributor of Taski products, including P44 spray cleaning emulsion, in the United States. Over time that relationship evolved and Taski began to distribute P44 spray emulsion to customers directly and our company had to evolve.

We loved Taski’s P44 and how it worked but we were unable to continue to offer it, so it was decided that we would develop a product to surpass it and Phoenix 1st Choice was born.

It had all the elements of the other spray emulsion but was improved to work with floor systems here in the United States. Over time, changes were implemented to improve it’s cleaning and polishing ability and eventually the name was changed to Phoenix Classic.

Classic Spray Emulsion

Phoenix Classic Emulsion Characteristics

– One gallon cleans and polishes 50,000 square feet
– Restores and maintains floor finish with each application
– UL non-slip certified
– Safe to walk on, can be used for daytime cleaning
– Extends scrub and recoat cycles
– Combines with the Phoenix Titan Twin reduces labor costs up to 40%