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What makes the Phoenix Floor Care System superior?

First impressions last, and there can be no better way to impress your guests than a beautifully buffed floor. Unfortunately, many commercial properties and business owners find it difficult or expensive to have a professional service come and buff their floors every week or so. In such cases, why not do it yourself? Thanks to our Phoenix Floor Care System, you can use our propane buffer and achieve beautiful floors any time you want at a fraction of the cost and time!

The Phoenix Floor Care System uses only one machine to clean and polish your floors. Traditional systems require that you buy a floor scrubber and a high speed propane floor buffer. With our unit, there is only one machine that does both functions, so it is easier to train your personnel to use and less capital for you to invest in.

The system uses citric acids and detergents to clean. Combined with a flex drive system that maximizes pad contact with the floor the system minimizes the abrasion and removal of floor finish. This preservation of the floor finish reduces the need to re-coat your floor and extends the strip cycles.

The fastest, easiest way to maintain your floors.

Because it preserves the original base coat in a way that no other system can, it has no equal. Everything in the system has been truly made to work together. The machine, the chemical and the pads come together to bring you results never before thought to be obtainable in an environmentally friendly system.

This is the alternate floor care system that not only saves time and money but is also a great green initiative.

Revolutionary cleaning solutions

Our Classic emulsion contains not only cleaners, but a restorer that is applied at the same time the floor is cleaned. This acts as a lubricant for the floor and does the following:

  • Reduces torque to the operator
  • Reduces pad wear (extending pad life)
  • Extends floor finish life

Save time & money

Most importantly, less stripping and re-coating means your customers won’t be inconvenienced by the need to work the floors so much and you won’t have to remove and replace floor displays as often. Instead of recoating every four to six weeks, you could extend recoating out to over two or three months. This drastically cuts down not only on the time you spend maintaining your floors, but also on labor costs.

Less wear, less re-coating

By using Classic and our equipment the abrasion is greatly reduced leading to less wear of the finish and less re-coating. That means less problems like:

  • Build up from frequent top coating
  • Dirt penetration because you can use harder base coats
  • Dirt waxed over due to insufficient pre-cleaning
  • Drip marks, bubbles or mop marks caused by re-coating mistakes
  • Edge build-up

Eliminates "dust"

Most importantly, it eliminates the number one problem with all other burnishing programs today. It eliminates the “dust” that is generated during burnishing that needs to be wiped from products and shelves. Actually this dust is the floor finish that has been abraded off the floor by the friction created by the pad turning at 2,000+ RPM.

Reduce Labor by Up to 40% with Phoenix Floor Care Propane Buffer

Built by contractors for contractors, the Phoenix Floor Care System has been helping customers save on labor costs and get great-looking floors for more than two decades. All of our unique cleaning chemicals, propane floor buffer equipment and pads are designed to work together to deliver the easiest, fastest route to great-looking floors.

Unlike other floor care systems that require expensive equipment and multiple steps, the Phoenix Floor Care System offers two revolutionary machines in one. Contract cleaners and building service contractors used to have to spend enormous time, money and energy first dust mopping, then scrubbing, then finally burnishing to get results. We eliminate unnecessary steps — you can simply dust mop, then let our our propane buffer machine clean and polish at the same time, boosting your bottom line and guaranteeing outstanding results.

We’ve designed exclusive polymers, citric-based chemicals and detergents made just for the Phoenix Floor Care System. These chemicals break down dirt and replace the top layer in just one application, cutting the time, energy and money you spend making your floors look great. This proprietary chemical application system means no more scrubbing or mopping to clean, then applying re-coat before buffing. Instead, our system does all the work for you in just one step. Simply dust mop, then make one pass over the cleaning area with the Phoenix Two-in-One Machine, then relax and enjoy your results — you’re done!

Quality You Can Count On

Everyone here at Phoenix Floor Care deeply cares about customer satisfaction, which is why we are proud to say that all of our equipment is made of the finest materials. This assures you that you are getting the best value for your money, regardless of whether you purchase a propane buffer machine or a floor burnisher.

We have delivered amazing products and fantastic results for over 20 years thanks to our commitment to providing you with the best quality possible. Know that when you choose Phoenix Floor Care, you are choosing a company with sustained success.

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This revolutionary two-in-one system reduces labor and guarantees overall cost savings. We can easily arrange a demonstration of our floor burnisher machine! If you are using propane powered equipment that isn’t our propane buffer, you are wasting money. Contact your Phoenix Floor Care Specialist today at 866-262-7224 to schedule a demo and learn more.