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Phoenix Welcomes DPA Members

The TITAN TWIN reduces labor by as much as 50% with a minimum 30% total savings guarantee.

With labor markets ever-tightening and wages increasing the equipment used has more impact on the bottom line then ever before.

Contractors and retail love the ease of use, no aisles to shut down, no water to mop up. There has never been an easier system to scrub and burnish than the TITAN TWIN.

While the equipment was built to maximize labor, the distributioin program was built to maximize profit for our distribution partners, to that end our policies are simple:

No direct sales by PFC to end-users without distributors.

Limited distribution – we do not need 200 distributors bidding and pricing, we need distributors committed to demonstrating the equipment and supporting our proprietary chemicals and pads.

Profit is a GOOD THING, we sell at list price. Being proprietary with limited distribution, there is no place for any other distributor to displace our partners business.

Outcall Service – unheard of in this day and age but our internal team works lists of end-users in your market to develop hot leads.

Trade Show Assistance – We work local shows with our distributors, and all national show leads are turned over to area distributors

The TITAN TWIN needs to be seen to be appreciated. That is why we offer extended demonstration periods for evaluation. Call Craig Herl, the National Sales Manager for details.

No service department? No problem, we have partnered with TSS a national service organization that can install and maintain all equipment.

Proprietary Two-In-One Machine Cleans and Polishes in ONE PASS

Our tandem spray in front, burnish in back ONE PASS system guarantees labor savings, increases customer satisfaction, and dramatically increases the time between strip and recoat, if they are ever even needed again!
Step One: Dust Mop
Step Two: Make ONE PASS over area with Phoenix TITAN TWIN
Step Three: There is none, you are done!

Where does the dirt go? Simple, the proprietary front pad picks up the dirt like a sponge.


WALK – the machine does the rest.

Proprietary dispenser automatically disperses cleaner/polish.

Head One – Scrubber … Rotating at 1000 rpm with 55 lbs. of pressure with proprietary pad scrubs and captures dirt, leaving a small amount of synthetic polymer behind.

Head Two – Burnish … Rotating at 1800 with 8 lbs. of pressure with proprietary pad polishes the floor to an ultra-sheen.

We will be at the DPA annual conference and look forward to meeting evereyone then and showing off our TITAN TWIN. If you have questions or would like a demonstration prior to that event please contact us. 

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