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Phoenix Floor Care Distributors MAKE MORE MONEY

Hit ’em where they ain’t

Is your company selling the same ‘me too’ product as all your competitors?

In the words of Ty Cobb, “Hit ’em where they ain’t.”

Ty Cobb’s product was hitting, bunting,  and placing the ball where his opponents were not playing. Your company should do the same.

Be the innovator and disruptor in the market, present solutions and innovations while others fight over prices and diminishing margins.


The Phoenix Floor Care TITAN TWIN

Your competitors are racing to the lowest margin on equipment and chemicals, which is 4% of the floor care budget.

The TITAN TWIN distributor raises the bar, introduces innovations that address labor, the 96% of the budget.

Providing solutions by addressing labor differentiates your business and like Ty Cobb is hitting your competitors where they ain’t

A system built to produce world class results AND reduce labor.

BSC’s, retail, educational, institutional and in-house programs that are labor crunched appreciate the up to 50% labor savings, with 30% Net overall savings GUARANTEED.

Distributors that are looking to differentiate themselves from the saturated market and offer solutions partner with PFC and drive new revenue.

To arrange for a demonstration at your facility contact Craig Herl, National Sales Manager [email protected]

For information on becoming a Phoenix Floor Care distributor contact Mark Bozich [email protected]

A message from the President of Phoenix

The TITAN TWIN system was designed by contractors to maximize FTE usage and produce superior results.

Our goal was never to be the biggest equipment company, our goal was, and is, to make the best equipment, that produces the best results, with the minimum of labor allotment.

Labor is tightening and our system optimizes labor utilization in a critical FTE allocation sector.

Phoenix Floor Care’s TITAN TWIN will revolutionize your high-speed floor care program, drastically cut labor, increase times between strip cycles and impress customers with world-class results.

Dave Conti, President

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