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Phoenix Floor Care: The Ideal Solution for Concrete

What do all building service managers and contract cleaners have in common?

They all want to reduce costs and still provide an exceptional final product. The majority of costs are labor, and the best way to reduce overall costs is to cut down on the time and energy it takes to get the job done right; i.e., use more efficient tools that maximize labor efficiencies.

Many contract cleaners work in spaces with concrete floors, including warehouses, schools, retail establishments and healthcare facilities. Understanding the unique maintenance needs and cleaning challenges of this type of flooring is the first step toward understanding why the Phoenix Titan Twin is the ideal solution for reducing labor costs while getting great looking floors.

Maintaining Concrete

Like other types of flooring, concrete requires regular maintenance to protect against the following risks:

– Scratches: Floor surface take regular beatings from foot traffic, causing teeny tiny scratches that reduce the gloss of the floors over time.

– Dirt, Debris and Salt: The gloss suffers even more from the dirt and debris tracked in by visitors and employees. Without care, this dirt can become embedded into the floor.

– Stains: All facilities are at risk for stains, and janitorial staff are always looking for low-cost, efficient ways to get rid of them.

Unique Challenges of Working with Concrete

Concrete is a porous material, which means that the surface is permeable. If you’ve ever spilled water on concrete, you can see this in action — the wet concrete becomes darker than the surrounding dry areas because the water seeps into the pores. This characteristic makes removing stains and dirt a real challenge. Stains are even more difficult to remedy when they are caused by acidic materials because the acid etches the surface as it seeps into the pores.

The Ideal Solution for Concrete

The Phoenix Titan Twin is the ideal solution for cleaning concrete floors. While traditional floor care systems require costly pieces of equipment and multiple steps, the Phoenix Floor Care System offers two machines in one and cuts down on the prep work usually needed to maintain concrete floors.

Simply dust mop, then let the Phoenix Titan Twin scrub and burnish at the same time, reducing your bottom line and improving your results. This system dramatically improves light reflectivity, protects the integrity of the floor, boosts the sacrificial surface coating by using the classic and helps prevent the concrete from drying out.

If you are a contract cleaner who deals with concrete, Phoenix Floor Care has the answers. The Phoenix Titan Twin is the best way to reduce labor, increase customer satisfaction, save money and increase the time between cleaning sessions on concrete floors. To see our system in action for yourself, please call 866-262-7224 to schedule a demo today.

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