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Propane Burnisher
Want to maintain the shine of your floor finish? The best method is high-speed burnishing, a process that is traditionally done with a rotary machine teamed with a pad that turns at speeds of over 1,000 rotations per minute. This process not only makes floor finishes shine, but it also makes it easier to keep...
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Propane Burnisher & Cleaner
Built by contractors for contractors, Phoenix Floor Care’s Titan Twin two-in-one system is the fastest, easiest way to maintain floors and comes with a 30% savings guarantee. If you run propane-powered equipment and are not using the Titan Twin, you are wasting money. Don’t believe it? You can see the difference yourself at an upcoming...
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GRAND RAPIDS, MI, Sept. 20, 2017 – Phoenix Floor Care recently unveiled a new website ( that offers customers an in-depth overview of their unique floor solutions. The Phoenix Floor Care System is the most revolutionary advancement in high-speed floor care since the invention of the burnisher, and the new website makes it easy to...
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