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Phoenix Floor Care Announces New Website

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, Sept. 20, 2017 – Phoenix Floor Care recently unveiled a new website ( that offers customers an in-depth overview of their unique floor solutions. The Phoenix Floor Care System is the most revolutionary advancement in high-speed floor care since the invention of the burnisher, and the new website makes it easy to see why.

The user-friendly site highlights the Titan Twin two-in-one system – the easiest, fastest way to maintain floors. Built by contractors for contractors, the system delivers guaranteed savings of 30%. While other floor care systems involve many steps and expensive equipment, the Phoenix Floor Care System offers two machines in one. Instead of spending time, money and energy dust mopping, then scrubbing, then using a floor burnisher or propane buffer, contract cleaners and building service contractors only need to dust, then let Phoenix machines scrub and burnish at the same time.

Client testimonials back up Phoenix’s claims on the website, including this one from Carlos H., the National Supermarket Association President:

“I was so impressed on how the floors looked, my partner and I ended up purchasing three machines. I am a real believer of the system. It was so much more than buying a piece of equipment. I’ve been using the program for over eight months, and my floors have never looked better, plus I am saving a lot of money by being able to maintain my floors in-house.”

Phoenix Floor Care’s new website also highlights the company’s proprietary chemicals, including polymers, detergents and citric-based chemicals that break down dirt and replace the top layer in one application. Floor care cleaning and polishing pads are also featured on the website.

A section dedicated to videos of the machines in action highlights their use in retail, education, foodservice and industrial spaces, and a FAQs section answers common questions about the system. Visitors who want more information or wish to schedule a free demonstration can easily do so using the website’s contact form.

About Phoenix Floor Care

Phoenix Floor Care has everything you need to maintain clean, shiny floors. They have the traditional propane floor burnisher or propane buffer in our product portfolio, but we also have the Titan Twin two-in-one system that shines and cleans on the same machine — guaranteeing a 30% savings to your bottom line.

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