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Propane Burnisher & Cleaner

Built by contractors for contractors, Phoenix Floor Care’s Titan Twin two-in-one system is the fastest, easiest way to maintain floors and comes with a 30% savings guarantee. If you run propane-powered equipment and are not using the Titan Twin, you are wasting money.

Don’t believe it?

You can see the difference yourself at an upcoming Phoenix Floor Care Demo Day.

On September 21, Dave Conti of Phoenix Floor Care partnered with HJS Supply in Buffalo to show attendees the greatest productivity improvement since the invention of the automatic scrubber.

Each of the dozen contractors that came in experienced a demo of the Titan Twin on a test floor. Dave showed how easy it is to clean, repair finish and burnish in just one pass. He started with Step One: dust mopping, then moved onto Step Two: passing once over the area with the Titan Twin. When he told participants that there is no Step Three, many didn’t believe him at first, but they could see the results with their own eyes.

Some questioned the results even further, wondering aloud what had been done to the demo floor tile and asking if the owners of HJS Supply had stripped it the night before. The answer was “no,” and HJS’s Scott DePaolo explained that all they had done was use the Titan Twin on it. The contractor was stunned, then immediately got on the phone with his son, who works for a grocery store chain, and set up another demo for that night. For him, seeing was believing.

The demo lasted well beyond the planned six-hour event, but Dave says that’s a good sign. HJS Supply was the ideal host for Phoenix Floor Care because they are a machine-focused company, and they have a long history of helping their customers find solutions.

For attendees in a variety of industries, it was apparent that the Titan Twin is the solution. Labor savings and results are key for them, and the Titan Twin delivers both better than any other machine on the market.

Dave and his Phoenix Floor Care team were asked many questions throughout the day and were happy to show attendees the Titan Twin difference instead of just talking about it. When one contractor challenged the team about how easy the machine is to move around, they answered him by showing him just how easy it is to load up. The level of engagement was high all day, and excitement built as contractors watched the Titan Twin turn a “crappy old floor” into something that looked brand-new. Many talked to the Phoenix team for an hour, then stepped outside to call friends and coworkers to invite them to come down. Many also spoke to Dave about setting up demos with their own customers.

The day was a win-win-win — for Phoenix Floor Care, for HJS Supply and for the contractors who got to experience the Titan Twin and see with their own eyes how it is revolutionizing the floor care field.

If you would like to see the revolutionary Titan Twin in action at your facility, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 1-866-262-7224 to learn more!

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