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Spotlight on the Phoenix Titan Twin – Polisher & Cleaner on Single Footprint

Titan Twin Propane Burnisher

Phoenix’s Titan Twin revolutionizes high-speed floor care. Built by contractors, for contractors, the Titan Twin two-in-one-system cleans and polishes in one pass, enabling you to save on labor costs while getting great-looking floors.

Putting any traditional floor burnisher to shame, the Titan Twin revolutionizes floor cleaning by offering two machines in one. In the past, contract cleaners and building service contractors spent enormous amounts of time, energy and money dust mopping, then scrubbing floors, then using a floor burnisher or propane buffer to achieve sometimes mediocre results. With the Phoenix Titan Twin two-in-one system, you just dust mop, then let our unique equipment burnish and scrub at the same time. The outcome is an improved bottom line and superior results.

Guaranteed Minimum 30% Savings

If you are a building service contractor or contract cleaner, you see that the vast majority of your costs are labor. The Phoenix Floor Care system cuts labor costs by at least 30% while enabling you to clean more efficiently than ever before. Instead of settling for a traditional floor burnisher and average results, invest in the Titan Twin to get the most efficient way to clean up to 17,000 square feet per hour.

Not Your Typical Floor Burnisher or Floor Care System

The Titan Twin is part of our proprietary floor care system. Our chemicals are designed specifically for our machines, and our specialized citric-based chemicals, detergents and polymers easily break down dirt and replace the top layer of your floors in just one application.

Instead of mopping and scrubbing to clean, then recoating the floors before buffing, this system allows you to get it all done in one step. Our patented system does all the work for you.

The Titan Twin’s tandem spray-in-front, burnish-in-back design means you get one pass cleaning and a dramatic increase in the time between strip and recoat (if you ever even need to do it again).

Titan Twin Features

The Phoenix Titan Twin features a propane engine with a true propane carburetor, 1000 RPM front head and 1800 RPM rear head. Other features include electric start, an hour meter, quick change pad holder, 8 lbs. rear head pressure, 55 lbs. front heat pressure and approval from both the EPA and CARB. The machine also is equipped with a spray pump, bottle holder and quick connect fitting for dispensing our Classic formula.

The best way to understand the Titan Twin difference is to see it in action at a Demo Day. Demonstration machines are available, and our team is happy to show you how the machine can reduce your labor costs by 30% while delivering clean, shining floors! Contact us today at 866-262-7224 to schedule a demo!

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