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Titan Twin = Improved Bottom Line, Superior Cleaning Power

Titan Twin Propane BurnisherWant to maintain the shine of your floor finish? The best method is high-speed burnishing, a process that is traditionally done with a rotary machine teamed with a pad that turns at speeds of over 1,000 rotations per minute. This process not only makes floor finishes shine, but it also makes it easier to keep floors clean by smoothing out floor scratches and eliminating areas where dirt can settle. Settled dirt is more difficult to remove with regular cleaning and diminishes the shine of your floor finish.

Burnishing floors using the traditional method is an arduous task:

First, you must remove large particles by dust mopping. These particles can be trapped in the burnisher pad and cause damage to the floors or finish, and they also present safety hazards when in contact with the high speeds of a burnisher.

Next, you have to scrub the finish to remove layers contaminated with dirt. Doing this step thoroughly is vital because any soils that remain on the floor will be melted into the finish thanks to the burnisher’s thermal action.

During the buffing process, you must keep moving to avoid burning the floor. To get even results, move back and forth like you would when cutting the grass. Walking at a regular pace will ensure even coverage without the risk of burns.

The pad must be changed often to successfully polish the floors. When a pad carries too much dirt, it can melt into the floor.

Finally, after burnishing, you need to dust mop again to remove microscopic floor finish dust particles. Skipping this step is dangerous because those particles can become inhaled, causing health issues. The dust can also be spread throughout your facility, causing greater clean up headaches.

What if you could eliminate a step, saving time, money and energy?

The Phoenix Titan Twin does just that — it revolutionizes high-speed floor care by cleaning and polishing in one pass.

The Titan Twin offers two machines in one: instead of spending all that time, money and energy dust mopping, then scrubbing, then buffing to achieve results, with the Titan Twin, you can simply dust mop, then clean and burnish at the same time. The result is superior cleaning power and an improved bottom line.

The two-in-one machine cuts labor costs by at least 30% and will also reduce your maintenance costs over time. Instead of paying to maintain both a burnisher and a floor scrubber, you can invest in one machine that does both jobs. The spray-in-front, burnish-in-back design of the Titan Twin also dramatically increases the time between strip and recoat, saving you even more money.

Want to see the difference for yourself? Our team is happy to show you how the Titan Twin can reduce the time, energy and money you spend getting clean, shining floors. Contact us today at 866-262-7224 to schedule a demo!

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