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Rancho Janitorial Supplies: Our Southern California Distributor

Rancho Janitorial Supplies is a full service janitorial/facility maintenance supply distributor servicing southern California. They specialize in creating custom solutions that address the individual needs of each of their clients. They are a firm believer that “one-size-Does-Not-fit-all” and their systems are tailor-made for each facility! Rancho’s approach is distinct in that they work with each client to ascertain their jan/san goals and then devise system-based solutions that are effective and efficient in both time and money. Over the last ten years, they have built their organization into one of the largest distributorships on the West Coast, yet they maintain their local flexibility and ownership.

They are an exceptional business partner and servicing dealer for our portfolio of products. Rancho Janitorial Supplies values our traditional propane burnishers for their clients, but they prefer to focus on the revolutionary Titan Twin. They know and have demonstrated on numerous applications that the Phoenix Titan Twin significantly reduces labor costs for them and their customers. By utilizing the complete Phoenix Floor Care System, they are in a better position to compete and win jobs against other Jan/San distributors or Contract Cleaners that only offer traditional propane burnishers. By partnering with us, they are able to provide their local customers a unique and proprietary solution to their customer base, which goes with their goal of always exceeding client expectations.

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