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How to Properly Use a Floor Burnisher in Five Incredibly Easy Steps

Want to Give Your Floor an Extra Polish? Follow These Steps to Properly Use a Floor Burnisher

When you want your floor to have that impressive polished look, no piece of equipment other than a floor burnisher can get the job done. This machine is designed to polish floors at a high speed to give the floor shine you’ve always wanted. Burnishers run from 1,500 to 2,500 revolutions per minute, which is actually the secret to getting that extra shine on the floor every time.

It helps to know how to properly use a burnisher to make sure that you always get the most out of your machine. Follow these simple steps to do it right, every time.

Prepare the Area for Burnishing

Cordon off the area to be burnished and remove any furniture that may get in the way of the operation.

Next, dust mop the area to rid it of dirt and debris. A clean floor gives the best chance that you will achieve a great shine.

Prepare the Burnisher

Use the right burnishing pad for your type of floor finish. Keep in mind that some pads are more aggressive than others and may wear the finish more quickly.

After choosing the right pad, attach the pad to the high-speed driver. Make sure the piece is properly mounted to the machine’s driver.

Get Your Floor Solution Ready

Prepare your floor restoring solution by putting it into a spray bottle for easy application.

Turn Your Burnisher On

With the pad attached, place the machine in position. It’s best to always start with the burnisher leaning back so that the pad is not immediately touching the floor. Once the machine is on, slowly lower the head or pad assembly onto your floor. Apply some floor solution and start working it in. Your burnisher will move smoothly forwards and backward and all you have to do is guide it.

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