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Phoenix Titan Twin Reduces Slip-and-Fall Risk

Over 540,000 slip-and-fall accidents requiring hospital care occur in North America every year, and they are the number one type of accident in retail establishments, hotels, restaurants and public buildings. The risk is so great that last year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated safety standards in an effort to prevent injuries and fatalities.

While most new requirements took effect at the start of this year, many facility managers are still getting up to speed on the rules. The new requirements more closely align fall-protection standards with those already in place for the construction industry. For example, employers are now required to undergo hazard assessments for falls and what can be done to reduce those hazards. Regular inspections of all working and walking surfaces must also be done, including ladders, stairs and floors.

The new OSHA guidelines stress the importance of fall protection but also give flexibility to employers to determine the best solutions for their facilities.

Phoenix Floor Care Reduces Slip-and-Fall Risk

Wet floors present the greatest slip hazard in offices, retail spaces, the hospitality industry and warehouses. Many surfaces, including concrete and tile, become more dangerous when wet, and in nearly 80% of cleaning-related slips, falls and trips, floor cleaning is the culprit. In 82% of those accidents, the person injured was not the cleaner. Wet floors put everyone in your facility at risk.

Other causes of floor cleaning slip-and-fall accidents include over-use of polish, slippery residues left behind by cleaning chemicals and inadequate cleaning that fails to remove dirt and debris.

The solution is choosing a floor cleaning system that uses zero water and leaves your floors clean and dry without a buildup of slippery residue.

The Phoenix Titan Twin two-in-one system cleans without water, instead relying on our special proprietary chemicals that break down dirt and replace the top layer in one application. No water means less risk for your cleaning team and all building occupants and visitors!

In addition to reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, the Phoenix Titan Twin also reduces labor by as much as 50% and guarantees an overall 30% cost savings. Our one-pass chemical, scrub and burnish application delivers exceptional results and makes your facility safer, cleaner and more attractive. Check out the results for yourself here or schedule a demo today to see the Phoenix Titan Twin at work in your own facility.

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