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Dealer Spotlight: J&M Floors and More Inc.

Since 1994, J&M Floors and More Inc. has offered the most efficient and effective floor care solutions in Florida. Owner Matthew Wolf spent years mastering the art and science of stripping floors but knew he couldn’t keep up with the hard work of stripping, waxing, scrubbing and re-coating forever.

After losing a good account, Matt knew something needed to change. He visited that account and saw the Phoenix Floor Care System in action for the first time. He reluctantly admits now that he didn’t think it would work — after all, the method was so different from anything he ever saw or was taught. He even made plans to revisit in a month, sure that the system would fail and he’d win the account back.

Imagine his surprise when he returned after a month and was shocked to see not only great-looking floors, but also that the person running the Phoenix machine was an 80 year old man! Matt knew then that he’d found the solution for his floor care needs, and that he wouldn’t have to spend the next decades doing the tiring work of stripping, waxing, scrubbing and re-coating thanks to the Phoenix two-in-one machine.

Since then, Matt has sold the Phoenix Floor Care System throughout the state of Florida to NASA, churches, schools, Port Canaveral Port Authority, grocery store chains, floor contractors and more. He proudly says today that Phoenix Floor Care saved his business and gave him a chance to help other businesses thrive by making floor maintenance fast, easy and nearly effortless!

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