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Ascension Paper Products Becomes Newest Phoenix Dealer

We are proud to announce that Ascension Paper Products is the newest dealer of Phoenix Floor Care equipment and products.

Founded in 2002 by Larry Aderholt, Ascension Paper Products serves the Gonzales and New Orleans areas of Louisiana. Known for their dedication, great service and competitive pricing, Ascension provides all the cleaning supplies, janitorial supplies and foodservice supplies businesses need to thrive.

Ascension recently hosted their very first Phoenix Floor Care demo day, and we are thrilled to say it was a great success. Contract cleaners and maintenance professionals from all over the area came to experience firsthand the Phoenix difference, and Ascensionā€™s well-versed staff highlighted our unique floor solutions.

The Titan Twin Two-In-One Cleaning MachineĀ 

The Titan Twin was the highlight of the demo day, and attendees were wowed by the two-in-one cleaning machine. They saw with their own eyes how they could forgo multiple steps and expensive pieces of equipment and instead just dust mop and let our machines scrub and burnish at the same time.

The contract cleaners in attendance acknowledged that the majority of their costs are labor, and we were proud to show them how the Titan Twin can reduce those costs by over 30% while delivering exceptional results.

During the demo, we discussed our proprietary chemicals as well. These specialized polymers, detergents and citric-based chemicals break down dirt and replace the top layer in just one application. Our patented chemical application system does all the work for you, in one step, so you can forget about mopping and scrubbing to clean, then applying recoat prior to buffing. We then showed off our two-in-one machine that cleans and polishes in one pass. The tandem spray-in-front, burnish-in-back system guarantees labor savings, dramatically increases (or even eliminates!) the time between strip and recoat and increases customer satisfaction.

Ascension Paper Products is dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective cleaning solutions in Louisiana, and we were happy to show off how the Titan Twin fits that bill. To schedule a demo in your own area or to learn more about our two-in-one system, contact us today at 1-866-262-7224!

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